Comparing Fujian 35mm f1.7 & 35mm f1.6 C-Mount


The Fujian 35mm C-mount lens is one of the those cheap Chinese-made C-mount lens originally intended for CCTV cameras.  These lenses have been frequently adapted to mirrorless cameras because they cover APS-C sensors. There are two version of this lens one is the Fujian 35mm f1.7 and the other the 35mm f1.6. They seem to have different mechanical designs, the f1.7 uses a nonstandard filter thread while the f1.6 have a 37mm filter thread.

Here are a bunch of direct comparison between the two lenses, all shot wide-open. Due to the field curvature on both lenses, it was difficult to have consistent focus, especially because both seem to exhibit different sharpness between the edge and center of the frame.

35mm f1.7
35mm f1.6
35mm 1.7
35mm f1.6
35mm f1.7
35mm f1.6
35mm f1.7
35mm f1.6
35mm f1.7
35mm f1.6


  • The 35mm f1.7 seems to have better contrast and center sharpness, while the f1.6 is softer overall.
  • The 35mm f1.7 have better flare control, while f1.6 exhibit significant ghosting and flares which reduces contrast.
  • The 35mm f1.6 have warmer colors, while f1.7 tend to be colder/neutral
  • The 35mm f1.7 have better minimum focusing at 0.3m, while the 35mm f1.6 is rated at 0.5m and it’s hard to focus close.
  • The 35mm f1.6 has smoother bokeh due to its slightly larger aperture which render out-of-focus-area slightly better

Which to get?

Both lenses have their own respective perks. While the f1.7 is sharper overall, the f1.6 has warmers colors, with reduced contrast and ghosting can produce a hazy, dreamy look which is useful for video shooters. The f1.7 does focus much closer which can be useful as well. Since both can be had for about 25 bucks, you can’t really go wrong with either.



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Joe is a doctoral student at UW Madison and a former journalist/documentary producer

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